Plan Downloads

File Name Engine File Type Author
20 Size Floats  DXF File  Author Unkonwn
40 Size Floats    DXF File  Author Unkonwn
A26 Invader 3 View  PCX File  Author Unkonwn
Acro Trainer    WMF File  Juan Sanchez Vera
Acrofovic  DXF File  Jos‚ Anguera
Aerocona L3    DXF File  Roger Winger
AG120  DXF File  Author Unknown
AG90    DXF File  Author Unknown
Agmaster  DXF File  James Crabb
Aichi D3A2    DXF File  Author Unknown
Albtross Oldtimer  DXF File  George Reich
Ampmaster .15cu    DWG File  Originally Al Eastman
Ampmaster Jnr  Electric  DWG File  AL Eastman
Astro hog 46  .46cu  DXF File  Fred Dunn
Avro CF 105  049 pusher  DXF File  Roger Winger
B2  Electric  GIF File  Author Unknown
Baracuda  Electric  DXF File  James Crabb
Bayou Bullet  .61cu  DWG File  Joseph Coletti
Beechcraft Bonanza  .15 cu  JPEG File  Sergio Testa
Big Brother  Pusher Glider  DWG File  Philippe Techer
Big One  32cc  DXF File  Author Unknown
Brewster Buffalo  Speed 400  DXF File  Marko Terava
Buzzard Bomb 2  40ci  DXF File  Terry Dench
CA15 Kangaroo  15ci Combat  GIF File  Tom Carr
CAD Kaos  61ci  DXF File  Joe Bridi
Cap 21  46ci  DXF File  Carl Leyden
Cap10  46ci  DXF File  Carl Leyden
Cap10b  46ci  DXF File  Author Unknown
Cap232  60ci  DXF File  Carl Leyden
Cessna Agwagon  DXF File  Author Unknown  
Chucko  Glider  DXF File  Author Unknown
Comet DH88  Twin 60ci  DXF File  Joe Coletti
Corsair F4U  90cu  DXF File  Author Unknown
Curtis XP31  61cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Delta Pusher  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Der Slopen Stick  Glider  GIF File  Carlos Martins
Doonsider  25cu DWG File  Author Unknown
EAP Delta Jet  40cu  DWG File  NG Everhard
Eastwind  Twin Electric  DXF File  Al Eastman
Electric J  Speed 400  DWG File  Author Unknown
Europa  25ci  DWG File  Neil Gillies
F10  61 to 95 cu DF  DWG File  Dan marlow
F15  15cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
F16 Falcon  15cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
F86 Sabre  20cu  PCX File  Gus Morris
F8F Bearcat  049cu  DWG File  Roger Winger
F8U  61cu  PCX File  Author Unknown
Fairchild T31  Electric Speed 400  DWG File  Author Unknown
Falcon 25  25cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
FE156  Three View  PCX File  Author Unknown
Fokker D7  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Fokker D8  Speed 400  DWG File  Author Unknown
Fokker Eindecker 3  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Foxy  Glider  DWG File  Author Unknown
FW190A3  15cu  PCX File  Author Unknown
FW190A3 Combat  20cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Giles 200  40cu  DWG File  Roger Winger
Goldie  Speed 400  DWG File  Billie Brown
Grob 109B  15cu  GIF File  Frances Alverez
Grunau Baby IIb  Glider  GIF File  Karl Hienz Denzin
GUFF Old Timer  45cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Hannibal  38cc  DWG File  Author Unknown
Heatseeker  61cu  DWG File  Joe Coletti
Heinkel He162  Electric DF  DWG File  Author Unknown
Henschel  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Hots40  40cu  DXF File  Author Unknown
Hurricane  32cc  DWG File  Richard Bradford
Hurricane Combat  20cu  GIF File  Tom Carr
Ichiban  40cu  DWG File  Sergio Testa
Ilyushin 2M Stormovik  20cu  GIF File  Tom Carr
Insomniac  15cu  DWG File  Chris Samoila
IXIR  Glider  GIF File  Xavier Filippi
Jake  40cu  GIF File  Andy McNew
Kawasaki Ki61  25cu  DWG File  Nels Hogberg
Liore et Olivier IV  45cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Little Extra 330  Electric  JPEG File  Jim Young
M1  Electric  DWG File  Micheal BLott
M2  Electric  DWG File Micheal Blott
Macchi MC200 Saetta  20cu  DWG File  Jeff Weiss
Marchetti SF260  40cu  DWG File  Gabriel Kiernan
Martin Baker MB5  20cu  DWG File  David Freehling
ME109  20cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
ME163  40cu  GIF File  Werner Boder
Mig 29  25cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
MIG 7  20cu  DWG File  David West
MIG21  60ccu  GIF File  Massimo Zuffi
Mirage 2000  40cu DF  DWG File  Author Unknown
Morane Saulnier AC 40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Nieuport 11  Electric  DWG File  Marcus Horn
Ninja  Glider  DWG File  Author Unknown
Nomad 2 Oldtimer  45cu  DWG File  Richard Bradford
Orflier  40cu  DWG File Carlos Cerrato
OV10  Electric Twin Speed 400  DWG File  Author Unknown
P26 Peashooter  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
P38  Twin 40cu  DXF File  Author Unknown
P47 Combat  20cu  DWG File  Norm Myers
P47D  40 to 60cu  GIF File  Author Unknown
P51 Python  Speed 400  GIF File  Mark Rittinger
P51B  40 to 60 cu  DWG File  Norm Meyers
P51D  25cu  DWG File  P Pastorino
P51D Profile  40cu  DWG File  Terry Dench
P80  25cu  DWG File  Nels Hogberg
Paoli  Flying Wing  Files  Matthieu Scherrer
Pilen  25cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Piper Cherokee  40cu  DWG File  Guy Fuller
Piper Cub J3  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Playboy Oldtimer  50 to 60cu  DWG File  Richard Bradford
Polikarpov PO2  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Quaker II  Oldtimer  40cu  DWG File  Richard Bradford
Quark  10cu  DWG File  Jaun Sanchez Vera
Rambler II  40cu  DWG File  Richard Bradford
Renegade 40  40cu  DWG File  Guy Fuller
Roland D6G  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Russian Contest F3I Glider  Glider  GIF FIle  Author Unknown
Rv3  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
SC 150r Trainer  25cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
SDF1  Glider  DWG File  Guy Fuller
Seafury  40cu  DWG File  Dan Simpson
Sirius 40  40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
SM Biplane 049cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Solonger Old Timer  60cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Sorta Steerman  32cc  DWG File  Author Unknown
Spiteful  20cu  DWG File  Dan Simpson
Spitfire 2  60cu  GIF File  Author Unknown
Spitfire MK VIII  Speed 400  DWG File  Alex Pedashenko
Spitfire MK XVI  Speed 400  DWG File  Alex Pedashenko
Sport 400  Speed 400  DWG File  Mark Jenks
Staudacher 1.08  1.50cu  DWG File
Sukhoi su6 su7  20cu  GIF File
Sukhoi SU 26  60 to 90cu  DXF File  Erik Middledorp
SumpN Else  15cu  GIF  Jim Wise
TA152H  25cu  DWG File  Steve Heggert
Taylor Craft  15cu  DXF File  Guy Fuller
Telemaster 400  Speed 400  DWG File  Author Unknown
Terminator  Glider  GIF File  Author Unknown
Tiger Moth  Electric  DWG File  Marcus Horn
Time Machine  Unknown  DWG File  Dan Simpson
Tiny  Electric  DXF File  Author Unknown
Titine  Flying Wing  GIF File  Matthieu Scherrer
Torc 1936 Old Timer  40cu  DWG File  Dan Simpson
Triple Martha  3 x 40cu  DWG File  Author Unknown
Ugly  25cu  DWG File GLen Hathaway
Ugly Stik  40cu  DXF File Guy Fuller (Phil Kraft Orginally)
Ultimate  40cu  DWG File  Dan Marlow
Velox Revolution  1.20cu  DWG File  N‚stor Charriere
Vendetta  Unknown  DWG File  Paul McIntosh
Vintage  40cu  DXF File  Author Unknown
Wright  Unknown  DWG File  Author Unknown
X29  DF  DWG File  Darl Layden

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