Club Combat Rules

General Rules are as follows; 
- Any Engine of a capacity between .15cu to .25 cu
- Must use a muffler, no Tuned Pipes, std mufflers only; 
- Wingspan between 800mm to 1200 mm
- Radio control of Aileron, Elevator as a minimum.
- 4 oz Fuel Tanks
- Min weight 2lb 
- All aircraft will be hand launched.
- Standard Servos only, no mini's, ball bearings are ok as long as they are of a standard size (really looking to avert the use of high cost mini servos')
- Ply / Balsa / Foam construction only, use of composites for cowlings is ok, but no composite fuselages or wings (This is focused at cost saving)
- Exceptions to the rules are permissible upon the agreement of 75% of the competitors.
- Streamers are 14 meters long, with the first 4 meters being sting and the remaining 10 meters being crepe paper.
The general combat format would be; 
- 10 min competition of between 2 - 4 competitors; 
- Person with the highest number of "kills" (read cuts of the streamer) is the winner; 
- The designated "Combat Zone" will be the "Box" of airspace on the northern side of the runway, any combat that encroaches into the runway area will bring disqualification of the offending aircraft. (This is to ensure we keep the aircraft well away from the pilots, pits and any spectators)
- All pilots will fly from the "Flight Line"
- A competition Judge will be appointed for each competition, this person will score kills per aircraft. They will also keep time and advise of the start and completion of the combat period.
- Each Pilot will be issued a "Combat Number" this number is to be displayed on the wing of the aircraft to aid identification for scoring.  


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