Mixing You Own Glow Fuel

Model Glow Fuel is made up of various quantities of Methanol, Oil, Nitro-Methane and other additives. To mix your own fuel you will need to find a source for the various ingredients and then get some storage containers and measuring equipment.

I use a small measuring container used in the kitchen to measure out the various quantities and I have a lot of fuel storage containers left over form when I bought commercial fuels.

The basic mixture for Glow Fuel is;

80% Methanol + 20% Oil by volume

This will run well in most Glow Engines, however you may want to add a few other compounds to pep it up a little bit.

Nitro-Methane can be added to improve power, a good sport type mix is;

5% Nitro, 75% Methanol and 20% Oil

You can continue to increase the Nitro content up to about 15% by reducing the amount of Methanol you use. DO NOT reduce the oil content, the old adage is if in doubt add oil.

You can also use Acetone, it will assist when you have a engine that will just not run evenly. (Shell add 3% by volume of Acetone to their methanol product Shell "A").

There are several types of Oil you can use, Castor Based (Castrol M, etc) or Synthetic (Coolpower, etc). There is much conjecture about which is better, however it is your decision to define which side of the line you are going to stand on. Personally I use Castor for only one reason, if you do accidentally lean your engine out to far, castor usually will protect it better than synthetic oils.

A lot has been written about this, in the end it is your decision.

I have put together a simple spreadsheet to allow you to work out the amounts you need. The instructions are inside and it is password protected so that you can't accidentally overwrite the formula's. The password is no big secret it is "fuel". I hope it is of some help....

Fuel Mixing Spreadsheet


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