Modelling Tools

Software Tools
CoG Calculator Basic Model Calc
MAC and COG Calculator
Modelling Software
Turbocad CAD Design Application   A.C. Calculator - Centre of Gravity Calculator
Compufoil Aerofoil / Wing Design Application
Convert - Measurement Conversion Utility  Javapipe - Design a Tuned Pipe for your IC Engine  
JavaProp Design and Evaluate Props Javafoil Design and Evaluate Aerofoils
Profile Make Foam Wing Cutting Templates  Profili - Airfoil Design and Analysis Software
Motocalc Electric Aircraft Design Application Compufoil Design Wings and Foam Templates 
Flight Simulation    
FMS Flight Simulator PC Based RC Trainer   Meta Sequoia 3D Model and Landscape Builder for FMS  
Model Electronics  
Eagle PCB Software For designing Printed Circuit Boards Stripboard Magic Design Electronics built on Strip or Vero Board

Model Design

Airfoil - Airfoil Coordinates Database ww1 Aviation Aircraft Design Website  

CAD Drawing Blocks (Templates)

Airfoils Bolts
Control Parts Engine Mounts
Engines Fuel Tanks
Misc Parts Spinners
Wheel and Under Carriage Wing Mountings

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