Model Electronics


Resistor Codes Explained

Resistor Colour Code Calculator

OHM's Law Calculator

555 Timer Calculations

Glow Plug Drivers

Power Panel

Glow Plug Driver by Tony Van Roon

Power Panel by Tony Van Roon

Speed Controllers

High Rate Speed Controller with BEC by Stefan Vorokoetter

Battery Charging / Discharging  

12v Gell Cell Battery Charger 12v Lead Acid Battery Charger

Ni-Cad Battery Cycler for RX and TX by Tony Van Roon

Ni-CAD Discharger for TX and RX - by John Nooyen 


Sanyo Battery Information


Replacement Servo Driver Circuit


Foam Cutter Power Supply  

Radio Plug Wiring Schematics

Foam Cutter Power Supply II Making Excellent PCB's by Stefan Vorokoetter

Making PCB's

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