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Added Combat Rules for our Club Combat Competition 8/7/05isnew.gif (157 bytes)
Added At the Club Web page 8/7/05isnew.gif (157 bytes)
Added Raptor Design 8/7/05isnew.gif (157 bytes)
Added New Planes to Aircraft Page 8/7/05isnew.gif (157 bytes)
Added Beach Bum Plan 26/05/04
Major Site Revamp 8/05/04
555 Timer Calculator Added 14/4/03
Resistor Colour Calculator Added 14/4/03
Resistor Colour Codes Explained 14/4/03
Free Plans Page updated with Live File Downloads. 12/4/03
Sanyo Ni-Cad Battery Info added. 23/3/03
Stunt Stik 40 Design and Construction Details 23/3/03
Pilen II Design and Construction Details 23/3/03
Pilen 25 - Destruction Update 23/3/03
East Sport 40 - Destruction Update 23/3/03
Major Site Revamp 23/3/03
Replacement Servo Driver Circuit 24/7/02 
Servo Connector Wiring Diagrams Added to Modelling Electronics 24/7/02 
FW190 A3 Construction Article Added to Aircraft Section 24/7/02 
Model Trimming Article Added to Modelling Tips 24/7/02 
Mixing Fuel Article Added to Modelling Tips 24/7/02 
My Aircraft Section has been updated to include all my current Aircraft. 11/7/02
My Aircraft page has had all the current Aircraft Designs that I am working on added. 11/7/02
Modelling Tips page has had the Soft Soldering Page Completed 11/7/02
Model Aircraft Plans Page added 11/7/02
Foam Cutting Bow Power Supply added to Model Electronics Page 11/7/02

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